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How do I sell my shares and get the proceeds back?

Note: This is a two-step process which must be started before Thursday, May 11, 2017.

You must first sell your shares, then wait three business days for the trade to settle before withdrawing funds to your bank account. Ensure your bank account details are correct before entering the sell order.

Step 1: (How to sell)

1. Login to your account
2. Click the sell button in the boxes for stocks you wish to sell on the Overview page 
3. Specify an amount or click "Sell all".

Step 2: (How to withdraw funds)

After 3-4 business days, initiate the transfer:

  • Stock Rewards (T-MOBILE or MTBC):

1. Login to your LOYAL3 rewards account 
2. Confirm that your bank account information is correct (in Profile).
3. On the Account Overview page, find the "Available for withdrawal" amount.
4. Click on the link below this amount called "Click here to withdraw funds to checking account."
5. On the confirmation page, click "Withdrawal."

  • LOYAL3:

1. Login to your account
2. Confirm your bank account details (in Profile)
3. Go to Overview and find the blue bar called "Total Account Value."
4. Under this bar click on the "Transfer Funds" link.

Your funds should be available in your bank account in 2-3 business days depending on your bank.