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How do I transfer funds from my LOYAL3 Account to my checking account?

You must initiate your transfer by Tuesday, May 16.

Log into your LOYAL3 account and find the blue bar labeled "Total Account Value" towards the top of the page. Under this bar you will see "Available Funds To Make New Purchases" and a link that says "Transfer Funds." Click on the "Transfer Funds" link.

On the next page you will enter in your transfer order. Make sure it reflects that you are transferring from LOYAL3 to your checking account.

Next, you may either select a specific amount or transfer your entire "Available for Withdrawal" balance. After making your selection, click "Review."

If your transfer details are correct, click "Transfer."

Your funds should be available in your checking account in 2 - 3 business days, depending on your bank.

If you have recently transferred funds into your LOYAL3 account as a cash deposit or as part of a purchase, that amount is put on a 5 business day hold and can't be withdrawn until the hold elapses.