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How do I enter a sell order?

You must enter your sell order by Thursday, May 11.

If you wish to submit a sell order, log into your LOYAL3 Account.
Find the stock you wish to sell on the "Account Overview" page.
Click "Sell."
You may elect to "Sell All Shares" or "Sell This Number of Shares."
After your selection, click "Review Order". After reviewing your order, click "Sell Shares" to complete.

NOTE: You may sell any amount of the stock including fractional shares. Sell orders received before 2:00 pm ET on a regular market trading day will be executed that day. Sell orders placed after 2:00 pm ET or on a weekend, market holiday or market half day will be executed after 2:00 pm ET the following business day. This may increase investment risk in a volatile market.